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“Piezo” is a new method that is being used in rhinoplasty surgeries.  It is a device that produces ultrasonic vibrations. With the help of this device the nose bones can be shaped very precisely. The patient experiences less bruising and swelling as the bones receive less trauma. I have been using Piezo exclusively for more than 3 years in my nose surgeries.

What is Piezo technology?

Piezo is a device that creates vibrations at ultrasonic speed. These vibrations act on hard objects. When it was first discovered it was used in artistic works such as writing on hard stones like marble. In the following years it was used especially by dentists for the cleaning of dental stones. Ultrasonic vibrations produced by Piezo technology break the tooth stones which makes it possible for them to be easily cleaned. It does not harm the gums when cleaning the dental stones. The device was then further developed and started to be used in nose aesthetic surgeries in order to cut and shape the bones.

At which stage of rhinoplasty surgery do we use Piezo?

The most important feature of the nasal bones is that they are of different thickness and hardness. During the operations performed with the old technique we would try to break these bones in a controlled manner with chisels made of hard metals. However, it was not always possible to achieve because of the structure of the bone. This is where the terminology “breaking the bones” stems from. When the bones were broken unwanted fractures would possibly lead to deformity. In addition, the breaking process was more traumatic which increased bruising in patients. Cosmetic surgery results are much better since the bones are cut and shaped as desired without applying any force or impact with Piezo. Ultimately the patient heals much faster and way more comfortably.

What is the advantage of Piezo technique?

The biggest advantage in Piezo rhinoplasty surgery is that it causes abrasion only in bone tissues while not damaging other tissues for example soft tissues such as cartilage. For this reason we use Piezo technology only when cutting and shaping bones.

Does Piezo method have harmful effects on tissues?

The most important concern in Piezo rhinoplasty is the heat caused by vibrations at ultrasonic speed. This may cause burns in the bones due to heat. Therefore it is important when using the device to ensure that continuous water cooling is performed. Burns do not occur unless there is a problem in the water flow.

Is rhinoplasty performed without using Piezo?

Piezo is just a device for cutting and shaping bones more comfortably. There are other methods such as micro saws which are also done without breaking the bone. If performed carefully, successful nasal aesthetics can be achieved with bone breaking. It should never be forgotten that it is the surgeon’s hand and not a Piezo device that performs the surgery. Successful results can always be achieved in an experienced and careful hand.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih Aydin

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist

Faculty member, Istinye University Faculty of Medicine


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