Skin treatment drugs in rhinoplasty

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The one of the important issue for patients who decide to have a rhinoplasty is the thick and oily skin structure. Our patients who are considering rhinoplasty surgery mostly use drugs containing “Isotretinoin” in their skin treatments.

Market names of drugs containing isotretinoin

Isotretinoin or isotretinoin is popularly known as acne medicine. It is marketed under the brand names Roaccutane, Aknegen, Aknetrent, Zoretanin. These drugs are only prescribed by dermatologists. These drugs are used not only in the treatment of acne but also in the treatment of many skin diseases. The dose of the drug and how much to use should be decided by the dermatologist. Usually, treatments takes long periods, such as 5-6 months.

Can patients who use drugs such as Roaccutane, Aknegen, Aknetrent, Zoretanin have rhinoplasty surgery?

Patients using these drugs may have nasal aesthetic surgery. This drug may rarely cause an increase in liver enzymes. This possibility is less in those who use low doses (10-20 mg). It may be helpful to check liver enzymes while performing surgical examinations.

Is drug intake stopped before rhinoplasty?

I recommend discontinuing the drug 1 week before the operation and starting again 1 week after the operationIn my own patients. My advice to my patients is that they decide to discontinue the drug before surgery together with the dermatologist and the surgeon.

How does the use of Roaccutane, Aknegen, Aknetrent, Zoretanin drugs affect the outcome of the surgery?

Especially in those with thick skin structure, while the nose is healing, it may appear worse than the final version we reshaped during surgery. In particular, the tip of the nose and the back of the nose tip (supratip area) heals by filling, that is, by expanding. For this reason, the nose tip of those with thick, oily and pimply skin structure can be seen larger after surgery. I strongly recommend my patients who want to use these drugs. The use of these drugs makes the skin structure thinner while providing a beautiful nose shape. It significantly increases the success rate of the operation.
Prof. Dr. Salih Aydın
Otorhinolaryngology Specialist
Istinye University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member
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