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Is sneezing dangerous?

Silicone or other tampons placed in the nose in rhinoplasty create a feeling of sneezing in the nose. This is especially true in allergic people. Sometimes patients sneeze 20 times a day. For this reason, we give doctors allergy medications after surgery. These medications reduce sneezing but do not completely stop it. Sneezing does not harm your nose after surgery. You can sneeze as slowly as you can.

Does laughing hurt the stitches?

Laughing or talking right after the surgery does not harm the nose. Laughing doesn’t hurt the stitches. Again, laughing does not make the tip of the nose fall. You can laugh easily. ?

Does bending over hurt the nose?

Bending slowly never hurts your nose. It does not fall on the nose. You can easily bend over even 1 day after the operation. The information that my nose fell because I leaned forward after the surgery is a big mistake.

Does eating hard foods hurt?

There is no harm in eating hard foods after the surgery. You can eat walnuts, cucumbers, etc.

Herbal teas and edema reliever “Pineapple” etc.

I forbid all herbal teas and pineapple to my patients for 1 month. These types of foods can lead to different results for each person. It can cause bleeding, especially after surgery. We should continue to eat the way we eat in our normal daily life. Drinking black tea and coffee does not pose any problems.

When can we lie down?

I allow side sleeping 14 days after the operation. Whichever side the patients lie on, that side may have swelling on their face.

Prof. Dr. Salih Aydın
Otorhinolaryngology Specialist
Istinye University Faculty of Medicine; Faculty Member

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