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Ablution and pray after rhinoplasty

When can ablution and prayer start by taking water into the nose after rhinoplasty? Is the technique applied in nose surgery important? Many different techniques can be used while performing rhinoplasty. In fact, every doctor applies the method that feels safest to...

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Skin treatment drugs in rhinoplasty

The one of the important issue for patients who decide to have a rhinoplasty is the thick and oily skin structure. Our patients who are considering rhinoplasty surgery mostly use drugs containing "Isotretinoin" in their skin treatments.   Market names of drugs...

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Septal perforation

The perforation of the wall separating the right and left nostrils is called "septal perforation". The most common cause of septal perforation is previous nose surgeries. Why does a hole form in the nose? The most common cause of septal perforations is "previous"...

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Difficulties in revision rhinoplasty surgery

The re construction of patients who have had nose surgery before is called "revision rhinoplasty surgery".  Previous surgery performed only due to breathing problems: (septoplasty) Before rhinoplasty became popular for aesthetic reasons, surgeries were performed more...

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ultrasonic piezo rhinoplasty in Istanbul

“Piezo" is a new method that is being used in rhinoplasty surgeries.  It is a device that produces ultrasonic vibrations. With the help of this device the nose bones can be shaped very precisely. The patient experiences less bruising and swelling as the bones receive...

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Istanbul, The Capital City of Rhinoplasty

Over the past 10 years, Istanbul has become the center of nose surgery around the world. Istanbul is a very popular choice, not only for rhinoplasty but also for many other surgeries. In this article, I will try to explain why so many people choose Istanbul as their...

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