Phone drop to nose after rhinoplasty

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A phone fell on your nose in the middle of the night! what you should do?

How does the cell phone fall into the nose?

In recent years, mobile phones have become our closest friends. When we can’t spare much time during the day, it has become a habit that we all do frequently to take a look at the news, browse social media, and watch reels videos in the evening. While lying on the sofa or lying in bed, our phone that we hold up can suddenly fall on our nose. Sometimes, your clumsy friend around you can hit your hand and drop the phone.

What happens if a phone falls on an unoperated nose?

It is not possible for your nose to be damaged by phones falling from close range. You might get hurt a little. But there is absolutely no harm to the nose. You can keep this for up to 15 minutes. A little swelling may remain for 4-5 days. However, it will not be a permanent problem.

What happens if a phone falls on the nose with rhinoplasty?

  •  If the first 7 days of surgery fall:

In this case, the plastic splint on the nose will already protect the nose. There will be no porblem in future

  • If it falls between 7-30 days of surgery:

There may be some pain in the nose. There may be minor bleeding. It is helpful to communicate with your doctor. However, the only thing to be done urgently is ice application. In this case, too, I do not think that any harm can come to the nose. As I said, you can schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor.

  • If it falls after the 30th day of surgery:

The nose has now reached sufficient strength. Ice can be applied for 10-15 minutes. No harm will come.

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