Istanbul, The Capital City of Rhinoplasty

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Feb 12, 2020  0 comments

Over the past 10 years, Istanbul has become the center of nose surgery around the world. Istanbul is a very popular choice, not only for rhinoplasty but also for many other surgeries. In this article, I will try to explain why so many people choose Istanbul as their location for rhinoplasty.

The experience and work quality of doctors:

Due to the increased interest of rhinoplasty in Turkey over the recent years , many surgeons have started to perform a large number of rhinoplasty surgeries on Turkish people. Istanbul has a population of nearly 20 million, and when considering nearby cities, there is a total population of around 40 million. For the past 10 years the increasing demand for surgery and the increased experience of doctors has led to a great number of successful surgeries on the local front.

A Surge in hospitals providing excellent patient care

The number of large and beautiful hospitals with private investments has increased.  It is common for hospitals in Istanbul to have an investment value of over 100 million dollars. In these hospitals there are excellent patient welcoming services, room quality and hospitality services, which has led to  increased patient satisfaction. Hospital services are at a much higher quality compared to Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and even the Americas.

Historical and cultural richness of “magnificent city of Istanbul”

Patients from abroad stay in Istanbul for an average of 8 days. During this time, they get the chance to discover the historical monuments, food and beautiful culture of the city of Istanbul. There are also many great centres for shopping. The chance to experience a city like Istanbul with a successful nose surgery is one that should not be missed.

Collective meetings about rhinoplasty surgery

Many scientific medical meetings are held regularly every year. The number of well-trained doctors is very high because the doctors share their experiences with their colleagues. Hundreds of doctors from Turkey and abroad attend these meetings.

Power of social media

The fact that the use of social media is popular all over the world has made it easier for patients to reach doctors directly. It has become quite easy to follow the quality of the surgeries and the patient’s satisfaction on social media. Sponsored ads created according to the interests of social media users have given patients the opportunity to discover successful doctors online. Patients are able to get direct answers from doctors online and are able to refer to photography when necessary, which further increases the confidence in doctors.

Cartilage melting in rhinoplasty

It is unusual for the cartilage to melt in patients who have undergone rhinoplasty. The cartilages may melt in very specific reasons, Does cartilage melt in the nose without surgery? No, it won't melt. However, as the age progresses, perhaps after the age of 70, the...

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Sneezing, bending, laughing after nose aesthetics

Rhinoplasty, postoperative mistakes ! Is sneezing dangerous? Silicone or other tampons placed in the nose in rhinoplasty create a feeling of sneezing in the nose. This is especially true in allergic people. Sometimes patients sneeze 20 times a day. For this reason, we...

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Ablution and pray after rhinoplasty

When can ablution and prayer start by taking water into the nose after rhinoplasty? Is the technique applied in nose surgery important? Many different techniques can be used while performing rhinoplasty. In fact, every doctor applies the method that feels safest to...

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Skin treatment drugs in rhinoplasty

The one of the important issue for patients who decide to have a rhinoplasty is the thick and oily skin structure. Our patients who are considering rhinoplasty surgery mostly use drugs containing "Isotretinoin" in their skin treatments.   Market names of drugs...

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