The 7 most important information for rhinoplasty

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Jan 23, 2020  0 comments

If you have decide to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Here are the 7 most important tips you need to know….

1. Choose your doctor carefully

The experience of the doctor, their training background, the google reviews and the doctor’s age are important factors to consider in choosing your surgeon. But most of all, nose surgery is a 1-year process, therefore be ready for a year long professional relationship with your doctor. It is very important that you have good and open communication with your doctor and are able to reach them.

2. Is your nose anatomy suitable for surgery?

There are anatomical features that will directly affect the outcome of the operation such as curved nose, thick skin, thin skin, broken nose, high nose root, big nose tip. In summary, the quality of the patient’s features before surgery will be the main factor that determines the outcome of the surgery. Certainly, the result will always be much better than before .

3. What should your expectations be from the operation?

You will be very disappointed if your goal is to become a completely different person. What is certain, is that you will have a more beautiful nose and a more aesthetically pleasing face. It is important to distinguish between dreams and reality.

4. What is the amount of asymmetry on your face?

Asymmetry is when one side of your face may be smaller, higher, and lower back. Your eye or eyebrow can still be asymmetrical. We generally like tiny asymmetries on the face, but extreme asymmetries can make the beautiful nose look less aesthetically pleasing. Fillings or other surgical procedures may be needed to correct these asymmetries on your face. The nose after surgery can be very beautiful. But remember that asymmetries on the face will influence this result.

5. A good support system

You will need friends or family to support you after the operation. It is important to avoid negative/judgmental people. Choose to be in a positive supportive environment. If you have friends who understand and love you, you will be able to enjoy your life without worrying about bad comments after surgery.

6. The surgery technique is irrelevant, do not fall into the trap of technicalities and over researching!

Especially in recent years, many preliminary names have come before the word “rhinoplasty”. It is irrelevant naming them. However, every method has its advantages and difficulties. Every doctor uses the preferred method he trusts is best. Each technique works differently in the hands of the doctor. Just trust your doctor. Your doctor will decide on the best technique for you. It is not possible to find and reveal the advantages and disadvantages of these different surgical techniques, which have been discussed for many years all over the world. Surgeons can apply any technique, but not every patient is suitable for the specific technique. Therefore not every patient can be operated with only one technique.

7. A plastic surgeon? Ear Nose Throat doctor? It does not matter !

Plastic surgery specialist or an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist can perform the surgery with the same success. The important thing is not the area of specialty of your preferred doctor, but the results of the surgery!

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